Kitchen Organization Must Haves

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Must Haves For Kitchen Organization


Hi friends, I hope your having an amazing day. It’s a new year so I figured it was time to start organizing my most used spaces in my home. I started with my kitchen since it would give me instant gratification each time I cooked. Check out my must have list to get started on your kitchen organizational journey. To get a more in dept look at my list check out my amazon Organization Haul on Youtube.

1. 16 OZ Clear Storage Bottles 

I used these Clear Glass Spray Bottles to decant my cleaning supply bottles. No more digging through an assortment of bottle sizes, shapes or colors. These clear bottles from amazon allow me to see what I have so it’s easier to clean and not over purchase.

2. Chalk Labels

I absolutely love the ease of use with these  96 Piece Chalkboard Labels. They erase easily and can be moved making them a great bang for your buck. I use them to label my cleaning products, food, bathroom necessities and much more!

3.  2 Pack Stackable Organizer Storage Drawers

Not only are these  Stackable Makeup Organizer Storage Drawers aestetically pleasing but they allow me to organize my kitchen cleaning products. I use these in my kitchen & bathroom cabinets.  We purchased 2 packs for a total of 4 drawers. They stack to allow you to utilize more verticle space. For more ideas on how to utilize these storage drawers check out this under kitchen sink cabinet video here Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Under the Sink Cabinet Organization | Kitchen Organizing On A Budget – YouTube

Once you start on your journey to organization , you’ll love the sense of pride you get from walking into a renewed space. If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment or email. If you declutter or organize a space in your home tag me on Instagram for a feature. I just love seeing your projects!


Chalk labels

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