Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board

Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board

Hi friends, I hope your having an amazing day. Can ya’ll believe we’re already in the month of February? Personally, I’ve already had a few rocky life moments this year but luckily Valentine’s Day is right around the corner to bring us some cheer. I participated in a collab were each lady showed off her V-Day dessert. Yall know I can be a little extra so I said “Hmm, how can I make multiple treats without it becoming a hassle?” While scrolling through Walmart and Sam’s Club ,I saw everything from flowers to sweet treets. The only problem was I couldn’t decide which one to pick. From there came my inspiration for creating a charcuterie board. I no longer had to just have one item lol.

Shopping List



Red Velvet Cake Mix

Treat Sticks


Vanilla Extract


Cellophane Treat Bags (optional)


Yogurt (I purchased tropical fruit)


Ribbon (optional)



Cooking oil

Pretzel Rods


Ghiradelli Chocolate

All Purpose Flour


To start off, I prepared the red velvet cake mix as per box instructions. Once the cake cooked and cooled for about 30 minutes I was able to create my cake pops. While the cake pops are cooling off you can go ahead and put your first layer of yogurt on the pretzel rods. After the first coating, freeze them for an hour then apply the second coat of yogurt.And that’s it for the dipped pretzels! If you’d like to decorate the pretzels with sprinkles be sure to do so before the second coat of yogurt dries. Once your cake pops have cooled off (freezer for 30 mins or fridge for 4 hrs) it’s time for the fun part. I melted the ghiradelli’s chocolate and inserted the treat sticks into each cake pop. The chocolate acts like a glue to hold the cake pop together on the stick. I used food coloring to make pink chocolate and proceeded to ice my cake balls. You can use frosting or melted chocolate to ice and decorate your cake balls. The chocolate dries fast! Use a spoon or knife to catch the remaining drips of chocolate that may fall from your cake pop. Next I took turns laying out my fruits and sweet treats on the serving board. Don’t forget to cut the stems from your flowers before adding them to the board. The roses purpose were two fold; they added such a beautiful touch and they acted as a space filler. Any remaining treats can be wrapped in the cellophane treat bags to be used or frozen for later consumption.

Yogurt Dip

Add 1 tablespoon of honey, 1-2 teaspoon of vanilla extract to 4-8oz of yogurt. Stir until mixed completely. Enjoy with your favorite fruit. We used it to dip out apples and raspberries.

For my visual people don’t worry I got you covered lol.Here’s the link to the actual youtube video where I prepared the charcuterie board.  How to make a dessert charcuterie board – YouTube

The beautiful thing about this charcuterie board is the ability to substitute flowers, treats and fruit for any variety that you like. I hope you enjoy my recipie and it brings joy to your loved ones faces. If you recreate it be sure to tag me on Instagram. I love seeing what ya’ll come up with! Remember, If I can do it, You Can Do It!!


If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment or email.


Written by accordingtocicely

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