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Have you ever just sat down and said if you could do anything in life what would that entail? I was pondering on what I wanted within my lifetime and I came up with 3  goals. First, I’d like to finish school so I can  earn a nursing  and interior design degree. Second, I want to be pleasing in the eyes of God and my children. Lastly, I’d like to be married and become a homeowner.

Hey there, I’m Cicely

I’m a disabled mother of two boys. I’m disabled by way of Sickle Cell Anemia. I originally started out in the medical field caring for the elderly. I believe having Sickle Cell always gave me the compassion and drive to care for others. I thrived in my profession for about a decade before I began to realize another passion of mine. I love being able to transform a space and have its owner walk in and be overwhelmed with emotion. There’s something about home decor that gives me goose bumps. Whether I’m teaching or implementing a new project I’m in heaven being able to help others. When I’m not working on a design project you’ll find me cleaning, cooking or shopping. Although I’m hospitalized about half of the year,I refuse to let my disability “disable me”. I aim to inspire others through my story by showing them life with difficulty is still very possible.  You can find me on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I feel like all of the “young people “ are on tik tok so I haven’t made my way over there yet lol. I hope you leave my platforms feeling inspired and a little happier than you were before you arrived.

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Favorite Brands

LV, Clinique, BeBe, Victoria’s Secret

Favorite flavor of ice cream

Brookie Dough

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